Monday, December 9, 2013

Big issue with shared iPads.

I gave my students some time this week to work on their projects that are due Friday.  Apparently, students from one period are deleting work from other periods, some seems to be completely disappearing and the big one which is students do not remember which iPad they were using. They yell their work disappeared and it turns out they grabbed the wrong iPad.  I think we also lost some work when we had to redo the iPads because folks deleted apps, downloaded the latest upgrade, etc. 
I think the next time I assign projects, I am going to have more apps and assign one app to each class. This way students have no reason to mess with someone else's work.  I know for notes, I've had to assign a different notetaking app to each class to make things easier. 
I already know I am going to look up various presentation type apps so when I do this again, each student will have one app to work on and one notetaking app.  I hope to add apps to allow them to create podcasts, etc. It is all one step at a time.  I learn as I go.