Thursday, December 12, 2013


Yesterday while the students worked on their projects using Haiku Deck or Book Creator, they asked if they could make a movie next time.  I had not planned on adding movie apps but since they made the request, I will need to to think about how to use such an app effectively after I research which video app to use.  I know there is iMovie but we are not set up to purchase any apps so I need to look for free apps which would do the same job. 
I also had a student in my Geometry class use my whiteboard to write proofs for his examples of various congruency postulates and theorems so he could snap the pictures of them for his presentation.  I was so thrilled that he took the step to do this.  My students would rather just copy and paste something than create something original so I am working on teaching them to at least note where they get any work.  Any students who snapped pictures of the proof on the board were told to give the student credit for his work. 
So many times they surprise me with their work or their requests.