Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Technology PLC

Today we had our first meeting of the Technology Professional Learning Committee. We discussed where we want to head with the group.  After setting goals, we started looking at certain programs/apps that could be used either on the iPad or computers or preferably both.   We looked at Schoology as two of us are already using that, Edmodo which also offers a use with the subtext app and Exit ticket.  I downloaded a 4 week lesson plan so the group of us can learn to use the program and evaluate its use.  I showed the information to the head of the best practices group and the facilitator is rather interested in it.
The two who are currently using Schoology are quite happy with it but both are still learning to use it.  Each program is going to take a while to fully understand and figure out the best way to use so we are using best practices.  I think we are going to explore a new program each time we visit so we can evaluate its potential.  So far, it looks like these three are going to work well in my Math classroom.