Thursday, December 5, 2013

suggestion from a kid.

Today as a warm up problem I asked one that used a hexagon and rubber bands from one vertex to another.  One of my students asked if they could use the geoboard to figure out the answer.  I had not thought of using the geoboard that way.  I realized that I could have used the geoboard when I was teaching the exterior angle theorem and the triangle sum theorem.  I need to research ways to use geoboard more in my geometry class.  When I went through college, high school students did not use manipulatives and now they do.
The other thing I need to research is the availability of a free graphing app that would allow students to graph systems of inequalities or rotation of conic sections.  As I learn to use the graphing apps I have, I learn what they do not do and what I need covered.  On the other hand, I discovered one of the graphing apps I use has a unit converter so students can find out things like the number of cups in a quart, or number of ounces in a pound.  This is awesome because the kids do not have to keep a conversion chart handy.  I usually let the kids have fun learning the apps so they can teach each other.