Monday, December 2, 2013

The internet or lack there of.

I arrived at school this morning to find the internet was still down.  I was unable to prep by making QR codes for the warm-ups, I couldn't find the videos I normally use in class, couldn't print off anything or post anything to the web.  I didn't realize how much I use the internet to prep for class.  The only thing that I was able to use today was one of the games.  Due to a medical emergency, I had another class moved into my room and I let them play prime smash.  Several of the kids had so much fun with it.  Several others opened Garage Band and created music to enjoy while waiting for the medical emergency to end.  I heard some really awesome music being created with just a few instruments.  I am looking forward to having things back to normal. 
Tomorrow I am hoping to post the answers for the worksheet I gave the students today.  The answers had too many characters to post as a QR code.  Maybe I am going to have to post the sheet or post them to the classes in Schoology so the kids can check it on their own.