Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Unexpected complement today

As you know, I teach high school math but what you may not know, is that I teach in a one school district.  K to 12 is in one building and we have a little over 300 students.  Since I've been pioneering the iPads in the classroom, I'm considered the expert.  The tech department passed out a bunch of mini-iPads to the elementary classes. The 5th/6th grade math/science teacher told me today that he had his iPads imaged with all the same apps as on my classroom iPads.  He has his students using prime smash and algeboats to help the improve their skills.  He even said he was addicted to Prime smash......LOL.  As I find programs, I am sharing the apps with him and he is having fun integrating them.
I also found out that beginning in January, the person in charge of our weekly Wednesday inservice/whatever is going to try to give me one day a week to conduct technology training classes for the teachers who now have iPads in their classrooms but are not sure how to use them.