Tuesday, November 12, 2013

flipped classrooms and other things.

Many of my students do not have access to the internet nor do they have unlimited data plans.  So I cannot use it.  What I am finding is that I have to integrate short videos into class time for material we are going to cover if I am getting ready to move on or show a video on the topic we are working on.  The kids often sit there and talk to the screen as the material is being presented. 
This morning, I showed a video on rate of change and slope in real life.  Once it was done, I replayed the video and we stopped it at important parts and discussed it.   When we started using the slope formula, the kids did a pretty good job of working the equation.  So at this rate, I may replace part of the direct instruction time with videos to help students learn more.
I find that I have to watch my mindset in regard to technology.  I have been teaching for a very long time and when I started we still did the lecture and worksheets classroom.  High school math teachers did not do much if anything using videos, games or even manipulatives.  We just lectured and let them practice.  Now I'm spending time integrating technology into the classroom and I am working on staying one step a head of the students while helping them learn to use the iPad as a tool, not a toy.  In the last couple of years, my teaching style has changed quite a bit.