Monday, November 4, 2013

Argggg and did it.

I will start with the did it.  I handed out the project requirements for each class.  I ended up using 4 apps on the iPad.  Book Creator, Google Earth, Garage Band and Showme.  The 5th one I stated they could use any app on the iPad to complete the assignment and they could use their own mobile devices to complete the assignment.  This is the first time I've used learning menus so we will see how it goes.  One choice is for them to create mathematical problems on the topic using Google earth.  I decided that I will have them complete a math problem or two using Google Earth so they know how it works.  I gave them a month to complete it so we will see. So far the only complaints I"ve gotten are with the students who have me for two periods.
As for the Arggggg, I am trying to set up schoology to use with my students.  I am trying to figure out how to get them in as members and I am having trouble finding the information so I am going to have to go to the 6th grade teacher who uses it.  She said there is a way to do this.  When I"ve tried to bring up the help answers, the web page won't come up so I need to try a different browser to see if that is the problem.  I want to get this going as soon as I can.
Yes I talk about what I am doing but it gives me a record of what I'm doing so I know what works and what does not for next year.

Update:  I found out how to get my kids onto schoology using only a username and no e-mail. This is awesome because it means that I don't have to mess with things.  I had them use a common password just to simplify things overall.  First step taken.