Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nearpod and Schoology

I am working with the tech dept to give a training session on Nearpod this afternoon.  I have a presentation that shows some possibilities and then I'll help them set up an account and start their own presentation.
In a couple weeks, I'll help the tech dept give a presentation on Schoology and using it.  I even spoke to the person in charge of the after school program for college bound students and I am going to show her how it works and how it might serve her better.  I am having fun setting up all sorts of things on it and getting my students to use the discussion.  They love commenting on each other's comments. 
I had first period find two uses of linear equations and then had them post what they found to the discussion group.  It went quite well.
I had kids start using Book Creator and discovered the free version only allows you to create one book.  I don't remember reading anything about the free version only allowing for one book.  It just means I can only let one class use it and once we are done with the unit, I"ll have to delete the book or have the book sent to me to save for them.