Thursday, November 21, 2013

google and Schoology

Due to reasons beyond anyone's control, we cannot access any portion of google at work.  This is making it much harder because I can't access any google docs, the community, not even my blog.  So until they get that fixed, I have to wait till I get home.
Another teacher showed me something I didn't realize was in Schoology.  As I mentioned earlier, I am learning to use the app and getting my students used to checking it for assignments.  Today another teacher showed me that within the quiz/test option is a way of attaching common core standards. That is cool.  I also created my first quiz. Six questions were short answer and four were multiple choice. I want students to identify the slope and y-intercept in equations in the slope intercept form.  I choose the short answer questions although I now realize that I could have used the fill in the blank type questions.  I am going to keep that in mind. Little by little, I am learning to use the program and in the process I am working on getting students to check it for grades.