Wednesday, November 20, 2013

levels and depths

Yesterday, I discovered that one of the apps I chose had more depth than I anticipated and my students are developing some patience.  I used a free app called Thump Ultimate which has several quizzes grouped according to areas such as number sense, basic algebra, etc.  I discovered that each quiz in various area checks for something different.  I found that one quiz under number sense checked for knowledge of ratios which is what we just started in one of my classes.  I had my students take it and the results range from 2/10 to 6/10.  I am thinking of having students retake the quiz at the end of the unit so that I have done a pre and post assessment.  The great thing about yesterday was simply for the first time, my students actually stopped and read the explanations when they missed a questions.  Last time they used this app, they just closed the explanation boxes and moved on, this time they read the explanations.  I do like that about this app.  When a student selects a wrong answer, a dialogue box pops up to explain why the student missed the problem. 
This is a group who up until this year has always rushed through anything that required reading.  They have been slowing and discovered when they slow down and actually read the material, their scores go up.  This is a major step.