Thursday, November 14, 2013

SAS Flash cards

Due to an early out on Wednesdays, we have a short 25 min "study hall".  Rather than letting kids catch up on their work, I gave them a list of mathematical vocabulary for Grade 8 TAK test from Texas.  Although I do not work in TX, the list has a great list of vocabulary words.  The students began constructing a deck with the word, an image, the definition and an audio component.  The kids were having a great time creating their decks.  The nice thing about this program aside from being free is that it allows students to create a standard deck with the word on front and the definition of the word.  In addition, the students could create a deck with multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank or a mathematical problem. One young lady was having so much fun creating a deck with audio. 
The elementary immersion program has been looking for something like this so I showed it to the tech dept and he thinks it is going to do precisely what they want because the app can be used to create flash cards for any subject.