Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Step by step

Everytime, I think I have the kids to a point where they will start running off and doing technology, they stop.  I don't know if it is a fear of being wrong or of failing.  So today, after a quick warm-up, I am going to have them open the Book Creator app and have them do one thing in there.  I think this might give them confidence to start working on the projects a bit more independently.  I told them to choose 3 but I think I overwhelmed them with the choices and they were not sure how to start. Today's activity will help them get started.  I look forward to seeing how well it goes.
On the other hand, I am working on a Nearpod presentation for a training session tomorrow afternoon.  I"ll be working with the tech trainer to show other teachers here, ways to use the app in any topic and use it so their presentation is interactive.  The only down side to Nearpod is the bandwidth issue but it is a good program.  I have been working with the Kindergarten teacher to create nearpod presentations for reading.  She is setting it up so the kids can answer simple questions, draw on the page, and do a short quiz that has pictures to help the.  She is enjoying using it.