Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exit tickets

I know exit tickets are a great thing to use for the last few minutes of class after the students clean up. I have posed a couple of questions and had the students create a QR code with the answer but I'm thinking that instead of writing something I can have students play a short game on one of the apps I have on the iPads.  I think that giving a short time to play certain games will allow the students to enjoy a round without getting bored. I have a couple of students who have a very short attention span and easily give up if they can't win.  Using only the last 5 min or so would allow them to develop skills yet not get frustrated or bored.  I am hoping they will also learn.  I could make it the last 10 min and have them play the game, then create a QR code of what they learned from the game. 
Since my students are ELL, any chance I can have them speak or write will help increase their vocabulary development.  Yesterday, three students came up to the smartboard and discussed how to find the answer to one of the standardized test questions.  This is something they were not doing at the beginning of the year but now we have increased mathematical dialogues.  I am thrilled with the developing conversations.