Monday, November 25, 2013

A web site with quizzes.

The problem with using online quiz or practice sites, is that many sites use java or flash and cannot be used on the iPads.  Today, I had two different classes use to practice.  One class used it to practice identifying congruent triangles using SSS and SAS, while the others class worked on writing an equation using the point slope form.  Both worked really well.  The only issue is that students are only allowed a certain number of practice problems each day before you are told that you need to join.  I liked using the website because if the students missed the problem, they were told exactly what they did wrong and how they should have done it.  The kids enjoyed working and learned the material.  I plan to use this website again.
On the other hand, we are still having issues with google.  I know the tech dept is working on getting us set up with google docs but that won't be for a while.  Up to recently, the head of the tech dept has said no to google docs.  We are not allowed to use Dropbox and we are trying to get the ability to use youtube videos without out getting preapproval through the tech dept to get the one video unblocked for the day.  Life is always a challenge.