Monday, November 11, 2013

Increasing QR code use

This week I have added QR code use in the classroom. First, I added a QR code to their homework which has the answers.  They still have to show their work but they have a way of checking their work. Second, I am using the QR code as their exit ticket. Today I am asking them to find their grade and create a QR code with that grade. This helps them become more familiar with making QR codes and it eliminates the 'I didn't know what my grade was!"  I plan to make the QR codes as exit tickets a regular event in my classroom.  Some of my students do not have a QR scanner on their mobile devices so they used the iPads to scan the QR code, find the answers to their homework and hand write the answers on their homework sheet.  I am happy they are taking some responsibility for making sure they get their homework right.
The next step is to get them to regularly look at what is due so tomorrow's exit ticket will be for them to look at the assignments list and write down what is due this week.  I am hoping by doing this on a regular basis, they will learn to be more aware of deadlines.