Saturday, December 7, 2013

Second thoughts on new graphing app.

I had thought about putting a second graphing app on the set of classroom iPads that would allow students to graph inequalities but after Friday's class, I realized that my students do not know enough about graphing to know when they have entered the material incorrectly.  I took them back and reviewed graphing by hand using the slope intercept form and then showed a video on graphing systems of inequalities.  This time the students had a better idea when the graphs on the app were correct or not quite right. 
This reminded me that too many of my students accept what technology produces as always correct.  They don't take time to do a quick check to see if the answer is reasonable or too far off.  So in my opinion, we have to balance the use of technology with students learning enough of the material to know if they get a reasonable answer.  I sometimes think we put too much emphasis on integrating technology and not enough on students understanding the material.