Thursday, June 19, 2014

Green Screen by Do Ink

This is an app that provides a background for your video like a green screen.  It is minimal cost app but it comes highly recommended at the training session I am at.  I was wondering how I might use it in my math classes and I think I might have figured out how to do it.  Usually green screens are used in video classes, etc. but I got to thinking why not use it as background to videos I am using for the real life use of math part of the videos I am putting into my iBooks.
For triangles, I could put up a background of roof trusses for triangles and point out the vertex, the fact that it is an isosceles triangle by showing the two sides.  Or maybe the leaning tower of Piza to show a cylinder.  Make it more of a cross curricular lesson.  When I get something like this done later in the summer, I need to give an update and put the video on the blog.
In regard to the iBook Author, I have got almost one full chapter done for a book on triangles.  I learned how to animate a presentation so that I could make a short presentation on showing how the triangle inequality theorem works and why the numbers are important.  I am proud of everything I have learned.