Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Using gamification to learn.

I was over at the farmers market today and my daughters boyfriend was discussing how many skills the average game teaches the player.  This set me off wondering if there is an app out there that would allow students to create a game that would be focused on a specific math topic.  I keep thinking that I'd like make a menu for final projects every quarter and one of the choices would be allowing students to create a game using the iPad.  I found one app called GamePress that allows students to create games without knowing how to code.  It as a 4.5 star rating and has a free version that I am currently downloading to play with in a couple of days.
I know there are a couple websites where I could have students do this but I have to find out if these sites work with the iPad and on the iPad.  There is nothing worse than finding a website that you think works and it does to a certain point and not past that.
I see a lot of possibilities using it in my math classes next year but I need to figure out how to use the app before then so I can answer student questions.