Friday, June 20, 2014

Keynote animation

At the training I just completed, I learned how to make animation using keynote.  It was awesome.  Although, I actually learned to do it for my iBooks, I realized I can also project it onto my Smartboard in my classroom so I can have them do double duty.  I never realized you could do it.  You do not use the magic move transition, instead you use the link to connect one slide to the next and use automatic.  It was something I learned at the ibook hack and this morning while deciding what books I need to really get done by the time school starts and I realized I can use many of the videos and animations that I put in the book in my class so I don't have to look for a video that will show exactly what I want the kids to learn.  So things can be used more than once.  I am getting ready to head out to the airport so I didn't have time to make a movie out of it.  Instead I chose the first slide and the last slide to show where it starts and where it finishes.  I'll try to make it into a video and post the finished video maybe sunday.