Thursday, June 5, 2014

GCSE math: geometry revision lite

This is an app designed to help students prepare for exams in the Yk.  The lite version has only the first level of each topic available to use.  If you want any of the higher levels then you need to purchase the full package.  This app includes a test for the Pythagorean theorem in the trig section.  
Each section has 10 questions and the student has to answer all 10 questions before they find out their score.  At the end of the test, the app displays their final score, the time it took for them to take the quiz, the number right and wrong and the number of problems skipped.  

The above photo show how the app explains the correct answer for a missed problem.  The photo below shows the sceen the student sees when they are done with the quiz.

A student can then click on the question they got wrong to find out the correct answer and how to do it correctly.  You can retake the test but the questions are the same in this version of the app but they are in a different order.