Monday, June 23, 2014

Hot potato algebra

This is a nice little app that helps students practice solving multiple step equations with variables on both sides.  It has several problems for students to practice but if a student misses the problem, it does not explain how to solve it.  The app only gives answers if a student misses it so it would be good for general practice or review for students who are comfortable with the process.  I would not use it with students who are just learning because it does no show the steps.
It also allows you to try their prime number app before you buy it.  This has you break down various numbers using prime numbers and you are expected to break the numbers down completely.  I think this would be useful in conjunction with another app such as prime smash as a formative assessment.
I think it is useful for students to work with apps that explain all the steps but also just show the correct answers so they can see how much they really understand and can do.