Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Using geometry pad to help show certain mathematical ideas.

Today while attending the ibookhack I figured out how to use geometry pad free to show students that the median and perpendicular bisecter always divide the opposite side regardless of where the vertex.  I can create a triangle using the triangle maker, not any of the specific triangles, just the general one.  Then I choose the line segment and draw it is it is either the median (one end is longer than the triangle) or the perpendicular bisector (longer than both sides). I then placed a finger on the top vertex of the triangle and slide it back and forth changing the type of triangle but the median or perpendicular bisector remains the same.  I can use my iPod to record the movement, e-mail the video to myself, import it into iMovie, add sound and I have a short video to post or use in an iBook.  I realize I could use reflector but I do not always have access to wireless signals so this is a way I can do what I want.
I got the video done and I hope I manage to post it properly.