Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I have all these apps but I still have not sat down and actually worked on an overall plan for using the apps and my technology for my math classes.  Many days, I just wing it by throwing something in and finding out how well it works. 
Sometimes, the students do well on the game but when it comes to using the material learned using the app, they are unable to transfer the knowledge.  For instance when I had them use the interactive integer app, they just whizzed through it and then when they did the harder problems, they couldn't do it. So now I am going to have to figure out how to work on helping them transfer their knowledge from the app to using the actual process in other places.
Over the holidays, I have to assemble several integrated lessons for a presentation in February at the state education in technology conference.  I have various things I have been assembling but I have not put them fully together.  It is quite a process.  It seems like I revert to certain activities again and again without working on the whole package. 
One other thing I want to explore over the holidays is google tools to see which ones can make the integration job better and which apps I have that can make integration easier.  I even have a wiki but it always seems to be the time issue for getting everything in it.