Thursday, February 26, 2015


I've been at a technology in education conference for the past few days and kept coming across some great new info that I never got a chance to post anything.  One of the most exciting things I ran across was the app "Floors" from Project Pixel Press.  This is an app that allows students to draw arcade type game plans on graph paper and then convert it into actual games. They can use the graph paper in the app, regular graph paper or a template from the app.  It takes no knowledge of coding and is fast to learn.  The company even includes some lesson plans.  I think I figured out how to use it in math once we get to area and volume so that I can give students parameters on area or volume of various parts of the actual game.  This is kind of a fun app that does have mathematical applications and offers some real world skills because they have to plan three levels of the game.