Monday, February 9, 2015

Used G6 and G8 geometry apps

Today during my geometry class, I used G6 and G8 geometry apps to help my students review previously learned material after they completed their reading assignment.  What is nice is that each app has a list of topics the students can choose from.  The front page gives them information that they can study before they take the actual quiz.  At the end, they receive a grade for the section they completed.  Since I do not always have time for a formal review, this worked well and fit in beautifully.
They reviewed similar polygons, theorems for congruent triangles, and bisectors and angles.  I was happy that most of the students actually took time to read the questions, check for answers.  According to the company that makes these apps, they state these apps are for review, not for teaching concepts.  Furthermore, they state that these apps line up with common core standards.
Although there are only a few questions in the lite version, the questions make a student think if they do not have as solid a base in that topic.