Saturday, August 22, 2015

Math Games

I found a nice little site on the web called Math Games.  This website covers grades pre-k to 8th.  It offers practice in two ways.  When you first go to the site, you have a choice of 5 games to play.   It doesn't matter which game you select because it is designed to ask the player for their grade.  On some, you are also asked to choose which topic to work on.

I selected the Math Missile game at the eight grade level  I had the choice of decimals, fractions, algebra or equations.  I selected algebra and I was off and running.

The idea is that I answer questions correctly and each correct answer causes a missile gets shot out of the sky.  For each missile I hit, I accumulate points/dollars.

The points can be used to upgrade facilities.  I don't know if this website will work on ipads but it does work on computers.

I noticed I spent quite a bit of time focused on the math and not the game so I'm not sure how the students will react to it.  What I like best about this site is that I do not have to join it to access the actual games or at least 5 of them.  I do like that I can choose topics and a grade level. This site will be great for my lower performing pre-algebra students.