Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Riddle Me This!

Texture, Zebra, Stripes"What is black and white and read or red all over?"  Well depending on who you listen to, its either a sunburned zebra or a newspaper.  The other day, in one of my google plus groups, someone gave a link to math riddles on Math Warehouse.  There are 10 riddles on the page.  I looked at these and wow!  These are good warm-up/bell ringers for the first 5 to 10 min of school.   The 10th problem is the Monty Hall three door problem which can be used after playing a short clip from the television show "Numb3rs". 

Next came a search on math riddles so I have a large supply of riddles to use in class.  So here are several that I found when I googled "Math Riddles".

1.  Good Riddles Now has 28 pages of riddles.  Many of the riddles deal with probability so are something out of something.
2. Gpuzzles has quite a few math riddles
3.  Kids Math Games has more tongue in cheedk puns than actual mathematical riddles.
4.   The University of Virginia has several riddles.

Give some of these problems a shot because they require higher order thinking skills to answer and some are really cute.