Friday, August 28, 2015

Candy Factory Educational App for iPads

Virginia Tech has gotten into the app game by releasing several math apps designed to help middle school students.  Two of the apps seem to be set up so you complete one app and move on to the other app so today, I am checking out the Candy Factory educational app for iPads.  The idea behind the app is that you are now a worker at a candy factory and it is your job to fill orders properly.

The order comes in and its shown at the bottom and you as the worker select the proper type of candy out of three different types.  Each type of candy has three more choices so you are selecting from nine varieties.  Once you select the type of candy, you have to select the number of pieces of candy you want to break the whole piece into.
 The order I had, required the dark square candy with four squares and the customer's order was for two, so I selected the option to divide the piece into two pieces.  The program then requires you to make a copy of the pieces so the size can be automatically measured.  If it is the correct size, you are allowed to package it up for shipping.  Note the box at the center of the third photo graph.  If it is right, you move on to the next order, if not the boss tells you that you messed up.

You are expected to work through the orders which means you work your way up several levels, each level requiring more.  This app is rather intriguing in that the learning is placed within a real world context rather than being a zappy game.

There is a tutorial to walk the student through learning the game and they can access help once they are in the game.  I click on the box and it grew with an arrow showing me I needed to put the candy in the box.   

This app is for later elementary or early middle school but it could easily be used for scaffolding with high school students who are behind. 

Warning, there is another Candy Factory app out by the same people which I have but I am still figuring it out.