Friday, August 7, 2015

Two Classes in One Period.

Apple, Education, School, KnowledgeI will have to teach two different classes in one period so I can teach a science class.  Over the summer, I ended up in a talk by a lady who has to teach two math classes in one period so it helped me figure out what I'm doing.  I will have a combined Pre-Alegebra and College Prep Math class.  I had a combined class last year but it didn't go as well as I hoped but this year I think I'm going to follow her method.

I think on Monday's and Wednesday's I will teach the lesson in Pre-Algebra while I have the college prep math on line at a website watching videos and going through the examples.  On Tuesday and Thursdays, I will reverse the groups so I teach the college prep lesson  and have the pre-algebra watch a video, work on their assignment and use apps to reinforce learning.  Friday will be the day, they all work on work and I will answer questions etc.

I plan to post all answers so they can check their answers but they must show the work between the question and the answer or they will not get credit.  I am requiring them to only turn in completed assignments.  No more half assignments or barely done.  In addition, I will give a choice of say 10 out of 15 problems.  That way they feel they have some control. 

I feel good about trying it this way.  I"ll let you know how it goes.