Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trigonometric Ratios

Right, Angle, Triangle, TrigonometryI start teaching trigonometric ratios next week and I need to find some sites that I can have my students use for independent study while I spend the day working with the pre-algebra class.  So I did a quick search and I came up with some nice starting places.

First, the Mathisfun website has a great introduction on ratios.  It is simple and has a lovely explanation with lots of diagrams and explanations.  The student can then go to the section on Sine, Cos, and Tan to learn more and at the end of the section is a 10 question quiz so they can check their knowledge.

Sinus, Sinusoidal, Curve, TrigonometryI looked at which has a lovely section on angles which could be used as a review or in geometry.  Furthermore, there are enough introductory videos and videos showing how to identify adjacent and opposite sides in general, finding all 6 trigonometric ratios, finding missing sides, etc that my students will have quite a few videos to help scaffold their learning.

This is great since they will have Monday and Wednesday to view the videos and I will not get a chance to teach them till Tuesday or Thursday due to a combined class.  I don't know if this would be called a blended or flipped classroom.  I call it "making it work."........LOL. 

If any of you have places that students go to learn more about trig, please let me know so I can check them out to use in my class.