Sunday, August 30, 2015

So much to do and no time

Writing Pad, Fountain PenBeginning tomorrow, I have to start integrating digital notetaking, flash cards, and on-line quizzes.  I have 55 min to have a warm-up, review, introduce new material, arrange both guided and independent practice, and have a wrap-up while integrating technology, reading and writing into my classes.

As far as technology goes, I use iPads and smartboards.  I keep promising myself I am going to set everything up on something like Edmodo, or Schoology, create movies, slide shows, etc so students can review materials when they want but it all boils down to time.

I am faced with the choice of doing it all and having no personal or down time, or give myself time and just get done what I can.  This week, I'll be working with a couple classes to get their digital notebooks started so they can work on their notetaking skills.  Most of my students have the idea that taking notes means you copy everything out of the textbook word for word.  It takes a lot of time to help them learn to put down only the material they really need in their own words with diagrams, etc.

I want to make some slow motion videos so they can see the process but I need to find time after school to make the videos.  I have to pick and choose apps and activities so students have the best chance of learning.

Tonight, I plan to sit down and figure out exactly how much and which technology and skills I am going to focus on for the next couple of months.