Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Gears, Head, Silhouette, Profile, FaceYesterday was the first time I ran across a video website with cute videos created for the everyday teenager with an equally cute name.  In addition to math videos, Shmoop has videos for most other subjects such as English, Social Studies, etc.  I showed a short video on relations and functions in class.  When it was done, my students actually talked about it rather than remaining quiet.  Awesome.

The story behind the relations and functions video was a kid went to the functions dance and had to learn to do the correct movements.  He was trying to dance to YMCA but could only do the Y and the M because they are functions while the C and A are relations.  There were a couple chaperones off to the side, playing games on their mobile devices.  I can hardly wait to see the next video for my enjoyment today.

What I like best about these videos is that they are short and to the point with cute little bits interspersed throughout.  There are 44 different videos on functions so I have a wide selection to choose from.  I plan to show  6 videos over the next few days to my Algebra I and Algebra II classes to help them with the material.

Yesterday, I had a student who asked me why I showed so many videos. I explained that it was best to share the material in as many different ways as I can so they have more ways to learn.  I am glad to have another video site I can access.