Thursday, September 24, 2015


Fraction, Math, Mathematics, AlgebraI've noticed my Pre-Algebra class really has trouble dividing because about half of them do not have their multiplication facts down solid while the other half have the facts down, they just can't go in reverse.  So as a way to help them, I put the students on Prime Smash, a wonderful free game by Panasonic.

Prime Smash is great for having students identify prime and composite numbers.  With three levels, I am able to differentiate instruction so that I am meeting all of student needs.  Those who struggle a bit more, did the easiest level while my more advanced students chose the hard level.

It was awesome.  The students were totally involved and did not want to put the iPads away to go to lunch.  They had such a blast.  There were so involved with the game, no one misbehaved, no one was off task.  I plan to run this again to help them with factoring.

On another front, my geometry class was on top of everything.  Today we started learning AAS and ASA.  Due to my having taken time to make them color triangle before writing proofs for SSS and SAS, my students immediately were able to spot which triangles were AAS and ASA after my short talk.   Yeah!!!!!!!

They immediately grabbed the colored pencils and started coloring the same angles and sides so when we write simple proofs tomorrow, they are ready and should be able to do it with very little trouble.  They transferred knowledge.  I am so proud of them.  Yeah.  It was a good day.