Thursday, September 3, 2015

Multiple flowers

After I finished my entry on factor trees, I wondered if there was some other mathematical topic I could integrate with art.  It took a while but suddenly a flower flashed into my mind with a number in the center and multiplse around the edges.

Again this was produced on a drawing application on my computer.  I wanted to put something in each petal to indicate the number of times 5 was multiplied but I couldn't figure it out.

Perhaps students could create the flowers to help them identify the lowest common multiple when finding common denominators.  Ohhhh, they could create a set of flowers for the most common numbers to keep in their binders as a resource if they have trouble remembering their multiplication tables.

Too many of my pre-algebra students struggle when asked to find LCM's while working with fractions.  I think I'll spend a day or two having them create flowers when its time to do LCM's for fractions.