Sunday, September 13, 2015

Differentiating Instruction in Algebra I

The second book I found on differentiating instruction is Differentiating Instruction in Algebra I by Kelli Jurek.  This book contains four ready-to-use units covering function and relationships, systems of linear equations, exponent rules and exponential functions and quadratic functions. 

School, Teacher, MathsEach unit has vocabulary, unit objectives, an overview and everything you need to teach the unit. The first unit on functions and relationships has a preassessment, learning target and study guide, a vocabulary choice board, four lessons each with an agenda, and an exit slip.  Lesson four is designed to tie it all together and assess knowledge. 

This is awesome because it lays out the lessons in a wonderful style and I can use it to create other units in various classes.  As I've stated before, I am not very good at creating differentiated units without having examples in front of me.  This book does a great job of providing guidance. 

I already plan to utilize this book for Algebra I and Algebra II when I cover this material.  The other nice thing about the book besides aligning with common core standards, is that many of the assignments are set up so the student does x number in part one, has some choice in part two and total choice in doing any problems in part three. 

I found one other book that has great problems for the first day of introduced material and for homework.  I'll talk about that in a few days.