Sunday, September 20, 2015

More thoughts on art.

For some students, trying to create art on a computer or iPad is difficult.  It takes awhile to create the art, the way they want it.  I created this mountain scene to show increases, decreases, relative and absolute max and mins. 

I found it a bit harder to draw using a computer than using colored pencils and a paper.  I know the same is true for many students.  So the question arises - "Do we have to have it all created on technology or can we have students create it using colored pencils, import the picture into an app so students can put in labels, etc to finish off the creation?"

I want to take student artwork and create one big poster with the electronic versions of the assignment so I can run it off, laminate it and post it in the hallway to show work.  I hate trying to hang 20 different assignments because I easily run out of space.

These pieces of art would also be great in student created books or electronic portfolios.  Since one of the goals is to help our students learn skills for the 21st century. So the more activities we incorporate into the math classroom that use technology, the more possibilities they have for their future and we are meeting the 21st century goal.