Saturday, September 26, 2015

QR Codes And Reviewing

Qr Code, Scanner, Bar CodeI have scheduled three math tests either this week or next week in various math classes.  Today, I realized I can run reviews using technology rather than the standard pencil and paper.  QR codes popped into my head. 

So I am going to set up a series of QR codes around the room.  Each code will have one problem.  The students can work out the problem and write the answer down in an app and once done, they can check their answers with the master sheet on my iPad. 

This activity will work with all three of the math classes who will be taking the test.  It will also help them prepare and it will require them to get up  and move around.  It is important to give students a chance to move around and to check themselves.

Speaking of helping students check themselves, I decided to give my Pre-algebra class a partner test. The partner test means that pairs of students will work together.  Each one will have different problems but the answer will be the same so if their answers do not agree, they know they are wrong.   I hope it helps students to take their time, not give up, and provide a chance for them to self correct before turning the test in.  That test will be given Friday.