Saturday, September 19, 2015


Mathematics, Board, School, CountI was working today at school, preparing things for next week when a major thought slapped me on the side of the head.  Most of my students have mobile devices on them at all times. In fact, I have one student who always takes pictures of materials on the smart board because he is always loosing his glasses (on purpose) and can't see it.  So he snaps a picture and uses that.

Iphone, Cellphone, Smartphone, MobileI have gotten in the habit of thinking of using only the iPad set in my classroom but why couldn't I integrate some BYOB into my classroom.  I could easily have students take pictures of the homework assignment so they don't loose their papers.  They could either do it on a paper and turn that in, perhaps they use an annotation program to complete their homework and then put it in a drop box type place. 

It was too late today to consider doing it this week but I could do it next week after I set up some place for them to electronically submit their work.  I keep thinking I need to get more of my class to be electronically based because it will help prepare them for the business world out there. 

So next week, when I'm home or have some spare time, I'll be setting up a place to turn in all homework electronically.