Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two Things

Slide Rule, Count, Math, MathematicsFirst of all, I got a notice from Learn Zillion indicating that they have expanded their website to include a K to 8 Math Curriculum that is an open cloud based curriculum, great math videos, reading and writing lessons.  I use the videos all the time in my classes because they are short, to the point and they talk about misconceptions.  I absolutely love the videos.   The other thing is that it is all free.  That is awesome!

The other thing is using SAS's gloss app.  I had a student today who worked all his multi-step equations out on the whiteboard choice before writing it on the paper.  If he made a mistake, he just undid it and tried again.  It was absolutely wonderful.  My students are beginning to use it as a whiteboard so they can make mistakes.