Friday, September 11, 2015

Pandalgebra App

Every two or three weeks, I surf the iTunes store looking for new apps that I can use in my math classroom.  Yesterday, I found Pandalgebra which is both free and is challenging in two ways.

First it requires the student to solve an equation and then direct the small panda by tilting the iPad so it lands on the correct answer.  Fortunately, it does not happen all at once. 

The first thing the app does is to allow the player to choose the level of problems they want to work with.  Easy, medium or hard.  Once the level is chosen, the first problem flashes on so the player can take a minute to solve it before tapping the screen to bring four possible answers up.  The player then tilts the iPad to help the panda land on the correct answer.  Every time the player gets the panda on the wrong answer, the number of points decreases until they receive zero. 

 I have found that the panda does not always go the direction I was trying for and it took me a few tries to get the correct answer.  I actually had fun playing it and I could spend a full evening just on this app.

I had one of my students try it after school today and he liked it.  He said it was pretty good and he is one of my lower performing students.   So this app is worth trying in my classroom.