Friday, September 18, 2015

It Works!

Thank you to Tammy Morris in Alaska for sending me back to Shodor.  The last time I visited there, I could not use the applets on the iPad and it only worked on computers.  Due to her suggestion, I went back to Shodor and check the applets out.  Every applet I tried work on the iPads.

They have improved the site tremendously.  There are sections for both teachers and students.  I checked out the teachers section and looked at a lesson on functional graphs.

Each lesson gives a short summary of the lesson, the objectives, the standards, knowledge prereqs, possible textbook alignment and everything you need to complete the lesson from worksheets to the applet to  suggested followup.

I love the way the lesson plans are arranged so I just have to follow them. They have an introduction, the lesson, guided practice, independent practice and closure.  Everything I need.  There are units where I do not have the time to create my own lessons and these will provide me with some great material to use in the classroom.

In addition, you can sort lessons by math class such as algebra, geometry, calculus, number and operations, etc so I can look for lessons for specific classes or topics.  Yeah.  more resources that work on the iPad.