Monday, September 28, 2015

It Worked!!!!!!

Mathematics, Board, School, CountToday in my second period, I gave a few problems out to work on their iPads and it gave me a true feeling for how well they knew the material.  I had one student who had no problem doing it and everyone else struggled with solving two step equations.  It was awesome!

I could just look and see exactly where the student was having trouble.  Most got started well but a few had trouble figuring out which term they needed to work with first.  The majority moved the constant and then got stuck.  So that gave me an idea of what to teach today.  It was a very focused lesson.

Later on, after a focused lesson, I had the students work with the  cover-up app. 
They could either solve it using the standard method or just remove the variable so instead of 2(x + 1)= 7  So it read  2(   ) = 7.     Once they put in 3.5, they are asked to solve x + 1 = 3.5

I like giving students more than one way to look at a problem and more than one way to solve it if they can.   Overall, it was a great class.