Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fieldtested WileD Math

 Although, I reviewed WileD Math before, today is the first chance I've had to try it.  I had both my Algebra I and Pre-Algebra classes try it out because the app can be used by several different levels of Math.

I had my Pre-Algebra class try the Order of Operations and honestly, they struggled with it.  The problems were much more complex than most students who are struggling can handle.  I think there are other apps that would be easier for my students to use until they can handle problems with 5 to 7 terms.

On the other hand, my Algebra I class loved this app.  I had them do solving one step equations.  They loved working their problems out on the "chalkboard" before entering their answers.  It is nice in that they get immediate feedback.  It only tells them if they are right or wrong, not how to do it properly.  It does give a percentage of how well they did.  In other words, it gives the number  right/ number attempted. 

In addition each player is awarded a point for each correct answer.  Once they've accumulated a few points, they return to the main page and choose one of 5 games to play.  The games require either 3 or 4 points or credits to play.

At the end of the class, a few students were reluctant to put the iPads away.  They want to play with this app again as soon as I can arrange it.  Overall, they gave it thumbs up!