Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Factor Trees

I would like to thank both Josh Fisher and Mr Gregg at the Pinkmathematics blog site which gave me a new way of creating factoring trees.  The idea is that you create a real tree with branches and flowers with the factors.
what you see above is my attempt using a drawing program on my computer.  I forgot to bring home my drawing pencils.  I like the idea because it integrates art work and mathematics into one activity.
This is my second try on creating a factoring tree.  Its better but with a real pen and paper and some time, I bet I could produce some great work.  I think it might also appeal to the more artistic students I have who would rather draw than do the actual math.  I plan to try this in my pre-algebra class because those students need a bit more motivation to learn and this might just appeal to them. 
I love new ideas.