Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ok, I went back to explore Learn Zillion's new improved website and wow is all I can say.  Although, I teach high school math, there is material in the K to 8 curriculum I could easily use with my students.   

I looked at the 8th grade math curriculum and the first unit is on transformations which I cover in most of my math classes.   I love the way they listed the key concepts, needed prior knowledge and future units based on this material. In addition, there is a link that takes you to the page with detailed information so you can plan.

Rectangular, Perpendicular, PythagorasFurthermore, there are 10 individual lessons all focused on introducing students to transformations.  Each lesson is complete with everything needed to teach it.  The lessons I checked even had some form of assessment.  Three of the lessons focus on real world applications for transformations!  Yeah.

I can set up classes such as geometry, or algebra and then I can add students to each class.  Furthermore, the program generates enrollment codes so that students do not need an e-mail address and I can attach assignments to the classes so students know what they need to do.  Yes.  By the way, the lessons even have a teaching guide with suggested pacing and questions.  At the end of a lesson is a quiz you can assign to the students.

I just discovered there is intervention material available should the students need extra practice.  In addition, there is even a list of key vocabulary.  I like this.  Later this week, I am going to look through the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to see what material I can use in my classes.

Finally, there is a mobile app for either apple or google based tablets.  So it seems to have developed into something that is easy to use in class.  I'm off to see about setting it up for my classes.