Monday, August 10, 2015

Math Symbols

 Math Symbols is a nice little program that can be used to help students learn to identify symbols including less than, greater than, etc.  This app is specifically to help students practice identify math symbols.

There are 50 different slides in the app.  The first one in this round is the equal sign.  Once you identify it, the app identifies if you answer is correct.  If it is not, the app will tell you the correct answer.  After you identify the math symbol, the app provides a bit of practice using the symbol.  It does start with easy ones such as equal, addition, subtraction, etc but then moves on to the ones students have trouble with. 

I plan to use this in some of my math classes because most all of my students have issues with the less than or/and equal to, greater than or/and equal to, not equal and this is a nice way to sneak in the practice.  This app will provide great practice in my Pre-Algebra Class.