Saturday, August 8, 2015

Number Sense

Number sense is the other free math game with 6th Grade Learning Games.  Number Sense is a racing game where you have to move your car to avoid oil spills, trucks and other race cars.  Ever so often, you are given a question to answer

 It might involve Roman numerals or absolute values.  It may use any of the 4 major operations.  Every time you run a race, the questions are different and/or mixed up so they are not in the same order. 

To move your car, you tap the left or right side of the screen to move your car to the left or right.  In order to speed up, you have to answer the questions correctly or hit a speed boost.  If you answer a question wrong, hit the oil slick, or hit a truck, you automatically slow down. 

I have played the game several times and I have never managed higher than a 3rd place finish but I am getting much better at steering my car and avoiding obstructions.

I am going to try this app with my pre-algebra because I already know their number sense is weak.