Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Comic Maker HD


I spend a fair bit of time looking for apps that can help me integrate writing into the classroom and provides a vehicle for students to show their knowledge.  Last night as I was searching the apps store, I found a second comic maker that offers more than Zoodle Comic. 

It is Comic maker HD and it is free.
It has a huge variety of backgrounds, characters, and other tools to create your own multi page comics. 

It has backgrounds, characters, bubbles, etc to play with and it offers the ability  to make comics in more than one language.  I am going to try creating my own math comic.  I plan to write the equations in the app that will turn handwriting into print and see if I can import those into the comic strip.

I think if I can create or have the students create comics that will actually be instruction on solving things, the kids might learn a bit better and might be enthusiastic.

Last night, I down loaded the app, tonight I create and tomorrow I share!