Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Animated icons

I should know better than to read any technical books at bedtime.  I was reading a book on best practices for math teachers.  One of the chapters was bout giving students a lesson preview by creating an animated icon or a short animated look at what the students are doing that day.  So of course, I tried to sleep but around midnight I got up and downloaded two apps to my computer - animation for  kids and animator free.  I went back to bed and got up around two to create two short animations, one using each program.  I think I need to play with both a bit more but I am going to post both so you can see the results.
I created this for dividing fractions in Pre-Algebra. I used Animator Free
It left off the last slide but I still need to play with it a bit.
The second one I used Animation for kids and again I need to work with it.

I hope it works. IF not I apologize.  I am just learning.  I tried to find a link for the second one but have not had any luck.  If I find it I will add a link.